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Our revenue programs...


TwistysCash offers you alternatives!

At TwistysCash we want you to make the most money possible because the more you make, the more we make!  We have based our success in this business on building long-term, honest, and profitable relationships with webmasters.  What has made us the most money is sharing in our success with others.

Revenue Sharing:

Send your traffic to any of our sites and get 60% of the signup and 60% of all rebills for the life of the member.  This is by far the number one, most preferred method of promoting our sites, as most people have found out that we retain VERY well, and can make you on average over $45 a signup. We have some members from 5 years ago still going strong, so we know that people like what we offer!

Pay Per Signup:

At TwistysCash we want to earn your business.  If you prefer to get paid up-front, we offer 100% of the initial signup and no rebills.  That's right, we give you 100% of the initial signup, we even cover the processing fees.  How can we do it?  Well, we retain big time, so if you send us a join at $24.95 a month, we pay you $30 for that signup and we know they will stay with us and make us more money!

Promotional Tools:

We have worked very hard to enhance our promo tools and are constantly coming up with new tools and ideas for you to add to your sites.  We have over 1000 exclusive hosted galleries, over 1000 sets of content to use on your own to promote us, a daily updated hosted Video of the Day tool, as well as a daily updated hosted Picture ofthe Day.  With so many new and different tools we are sure we will find a way for you to work with us!

Need Traffic:

At TwistysCash we want to work with you!  We currently run well over a million uniques a day through our free sites.  With partner accounts, advertising spots, paid spots, and more we can find a way for you to make money with us!

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